My day at the Avenues

Hey everybody .. I had a field trip to the Avenues today & it’s been quite a long time since I went there

– I went to see Shrek Forever After .. OMG it’s hilarious I laughed all the time ( people who didn’t see it till now >> 6afkom n9 3mrkom 😛 )

– I bought this amaaazing Denim shoes from Payless

Can hardly wait to wear them B)

– Matt nail polish from Claire’s very charming

and the other is a coat to matt the shiny polish … got you one Zabooo6a 😉

My first pinkberry ( not a fan :/ )

And i had a great dinner at Nino but didn’t have the chance to take a pic 😛

Thanks to my sister in law & her beloved sisters I had a great time ;*



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13 responses to “My day at the Avenues

  1. Loved the shoe !
    CAN HARDLY WAIT cousin 😉
    what other colors from the nail polish they have?

    • SoCoMoCo

      Loool thanx for the correction 😛

      I think there was purple & blue & black .. I don’t remember the others really

  2. dark blue?
    anytime sweets :*

  3. You’ve been tagged !

  4. ooh 3jeeeb ma drait clairs 3ndhom matte , btw you can use nail polishes for water marble 😀

  5. btw i was at avenues that day :Pp

  6. SoCoMoCo

    yeah they do & it’s only for 1KD !! I tried it 😀 but it didn’t go so well 😛
    Really why didn’t you tell me 😛 3ad elle y6b el Avenues yamshi w ysalm 😛

  7. LooL yareeet bs ma la7gt 😀 << cheena we both know each other so well bs why not mo 😉 3jeeb 1 kd !!

  8. laaa 7safaa bs lazim both same brand nail polishes may9eer different brands !

  9. LoL yalla jrbay o shofay 😛

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