Very into business :P

I wanted to show you what i got after getting serious about my bracelets business ( announced soon )

I bought a set of box for tools and a notebook to write orders

Why I liked it??? Well … IT HAS SHOES ON IT 😀

Isn’t it cute or what 🙂 If anyone is interested in buying one too it’s from Center Point



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6 responses to “Very into business :P

  1. I really wanna see how bracelets or bangles you make ! cute ^_^ I like the pillows lol feeha floral ashoofa mn hnee 😛

    • SoCoMoCo

      Don’t mention it 😛 the pillows cover doesn’t match the quilt :P:P
      I’m gonna post my bracelets once I’m done with the logo design 😉

  2. Dont.dwell

    7adaahm cute the stuff, bl 3afia 3alaich oo imwafega with the business,

    btw i found u a name !!!!! ishraych ib tinkle… thats the sound bangles make lama the hit ib each other ;p

    • SoCoMoCo

      thank you sweetie w allah y3afeech w ysalmch enshallah
      It’s a very interesting name thanks for trying but i’m sorry to inform you that I found a name finally 😀 I’m just waiting for my brother to make a design to post my trade mark B) <<< gmna n7chi bltrade :P:P

  3. fajorie

    those are super cute!! I LOVE LOVE them ;*

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