My Artwork

Hey everyone … under Coconut’s request I decided to show you some of my artwork

P.S: I’m just an amateur so nothing professional , so if it’s my mood to draw I draw .. but If i make any small mistake , I abandon the painting for a whole year 😛

A pottery vase that I did & design in high school which is in the school lobby till now 🙂

A little thing in the back

A sketch that I did for ( National Day of Journalism )

LOL folks who studied French course 46 would remember this headless body & I’m sure that everybody had put a head to it 😛

A copper portrait that I made and design in high school

Another pottery portrait the theme was something about sea

For some competition at school ( don’t know the result yet ) 😛

Just a painting 🙂

For some group’s competition & I didn’t win :\

Inspired by some earrings I bought from Iran

Finally my fave 🙂



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4 responses to “My Artwork

  1. wow I loved the copper and pottery ones! You have to teach me how to do that!
    heheh thank you for sharing:*
    they’re gorgeous

  2. Mashalla rasoomatch are very organized and u better keep drawing , don’t lose that talent !

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