Tangled Bangles

Hey everybody 🙂

I’ve finally decided to post my Mini Business after finishing the logo design .. It’s not so huge but I like it , thanks bro. 🙂

For further information contact me on


or just post a comment

I Really Hope You like my designs & don’t hesitate to ask

me whatever you want 😉



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27 responses to “Tangled Bangles

  1. omg!
    I’m the first customer o sh3alay b3ad you have one with my name one !

    • SoCoMoCo

      Thaaaaanx sweetie :*
      unfortunately this one is for the other Bibi I made it for her as a birthday gift but don’t worry … I’m preparing a special one for you 😉

  2. Her

    mashalla that’s very nice ur very talented 🙂

  3. Ok shway 6angart awal shay my birthday came first 😛
    bs ok sama7tej since something else is coming ! YAY!

    • SoCoMoCo

      I’m sorry honey but you don’t know the whole story 😛 .. I ditched her on her birthday party to go to a wedding i was forced to go to .. so it’s kinda “I’m sorry” gift 😛

  4. so how much are we talking here ? 🙂

  5. opss I just saw the prices 🙂 i’ll show the stuff to my sisters

  6. they look beautiful !

    goodluck !

  7. Um7asson

    Aywaaa 7mwatee got talint :p whn r u gona do 1 for Zozo…. We’ll pay & toooooo many letters shrayich… I want it 4 grgee3an ( orange o neeli ) … Good luck sweety

    • SoCoMoCo

      E7m e7m thaaanks :$ mn 3yooni I’ll make one for her just text me how many letters and bangles do you want ok?

      • Um7asson

        Ok … I guess 2 each with 1of her names.. Y3ni 1 .. Fatma … Other .. Alzahra’. Or u can do as u want 3la thoqich .., i know byi6l3 7ilo.. Or u can write Zozo aw Toota its ur choice

      • SoCoMoCo

        Ok just show me her dress so I can pick the strings colors
        I’ll charge you half price for your half person 😛

      • Um7asson

        Mercy gulbi. So which names u gona choose?

      • SoCoMoCo

        Fatma on the first & Alzahra on the other & I’m gonna choose the colors silver & indigo which is neeli
        But to make sure .. bring the dress on thursday to choose the perfect color

  8. I honestly I liked the name socomoco, btw very creative I’m happy for you so keep it up 🙂

    • SoCoMoCo

      thaaaanks sweetie I’m very happy that you like it 🙂
      saweeli da3aya 3ad ma awa9eech 😛
      Lool & about socomoco it really came out of nowhere 😛 I like your’s too penelope 🙂

  9. LoL yea and I meant the tangle bangle 😀 Inshalla I will soon tara there other one too who’s very creative too like you and I was thinking to post about it but e7m that will be a surprise 😀

    • SoCoMoCo

      loool I’m confused 😛 I thought you’re talking about my nick name :P:P
      I’m waiting to see the surprise 😉

  10. mashallaaaaah 🙂 beautiful o allah ywafgech nshallah :*

  11. نايس ماشاءالله..

    عجبوني اللي كحلي بذهبي..

    اذا ابي اطلب شلون؟؟

    ابي واحد عليه اسمي اهو 5 احرف ..

    وال2 ابي عليه قلوب مثل اللي كحلي بذهبي..



    • SoCoMoCo

      thank you sweetie 🙂
      bs dzeeli email 3ala emaili mawjood blpost 3shan y9eer tawa9l direct baini w bainch a7san ma ykoon 3ala shakl commentat blpost
      Eltotal kla y6l3 10 KD athneenhom ma3a ba3a’6

  12. ok ..

    الحين ادز لج ان شاءالله 🙂

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