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Taaaaaaadaaaaaaaaa 😀

I’m officially in love with this technique



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I finally did it

I finally tried the marble nail art 😀 It’s fantastic .. So just tell me what pattern should I choose for my whole nails ???

I know it looks kinda messy but hey it’s just a try 😀

I used China Glaze polishes


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New bracelet joined the collection

The buttons bracelet

For: 5 KD

To order contact me on :

P.S : There are more colors available , if you’re interested you can have a special order


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I‘m being through a phase of depression 😥 I don’t know what’s happening to me

I’ve lost my sense of humor

I’m not in mood to go out for fun just going to houses ( It’s not me that’s why everybody is suspicious :/)

I feel that everybody hate me 😥

I don’t wanna get out of bed cuz I know it’s gonna be another day of depression

I really need to reconsider somethings or I’ll be like this for the rest of my life


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New Crush On Tiffany & Co. Keys

Hey everybody …

I have a new crush on Tiffany & co. Keys .. They’re amaaazing I’m gonna save some money to get one enshallah

The one I like

Of course I was crazy about the ones with diamonds .. But I have to say ( md ryoolk 3ala gd l7afk ) 😛

Check out the whole collection at Tiffany & Co. website & let your mouths drool 😛


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In Loving Memory…

In loving memory of my beloved father

He passed away on the same date 4 years ago

That day took the colors of my life  .. I never imagined loosing someone that close to me

All I can say is what can a person do .. It’s our destiny

الله يرحمك ويغمد روحك الجنة

الفاتحة على روح المرحوم وعلى أرواح جميع المؤمنين والمؤمنات


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