In Loving Memory…

In loving memory of my beloved father

He passed away on the same date 4 years ago

That day took the colors of my life  .. I never imagined loosing someone that close to me

All I can say is what can a person do .. It’s our destiny

الله يرحمك ويغمد روحك الجنة

الفاتحة على روح المرحوم وعلى أرواح جميع المؤمنين والمؤمنات



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14 responses to “In Loving Memory…

  1. *Wipes her tears*
    allah yr7ma inshallah 😦

    • SoCoMoCo

      Thanx for the consolation dear It so relieving when you know that there’s someone’s got your back
      Believe me honey .. your father allah yr7mah is watching you everyday with his head high because he’s proud of his own kind girl 🙂

  2. الله برحمه برحمته الواسعه ويصبرج ويهدي بالج ويوفقج انشالله

    هذي حال الدنيا يالغاليه خليي ايمانج قوي والله ارحم بعباده

  3. allah yr7ama o e’3mad roo7a bl jinna *hugs*

  4. allah yer7ama we’3ammed ro7a eljanna nshallah o mokana belferdos goli ameeen! o allah yr7m mawtana o mawta elmslemeeen ajma3eeen ya rab!

  5. allah yer7ama enshallah o ye9aberkum enshallah o elbaraka ebthereeta el9al7a enshallah
    mathwaah eljanna yarab

  6. fajorie

    I am so in love with these keys !! they are super amazing ❤

  7. Allah yer7emah o y’3amed ro7ah el.jannah

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