New bracelet joined the collection

The buttons bracelet

For: 5 KD

To order contact me on :

P.S : There are more colors available , if you’re interested you can have a special order



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5 responses to “New bracelet joined the collection

  1. yah yah soco sheno hatha 😀 bs tara ma fhamt sheno hatha? it’s very small, is it a ring? adry bracelet bs ma fhamt

  2. SoCoMoCo

    Lol :P:P I’ll put it on & take a picture with it around my hand 🙂 It’s not too small but it fits to the wrist ( not loose like a bangle )

  3. allaaah mashalla I wish i could buy bs im saving money for my birthday 😦 inshalla when im done I will baby 😀

  4. allaaah wanasaaa so kind of you hun :D:D

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