I finally did it

I finally tried the marble nail art 😀 It’s fantastic .. So just tell me what pattern should I choose for my whole nails ???

I know it looks kinda messy but hey it’s just a try 😀

I used China Glaze polishes



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15 responses to “I finally did it

  1. Yaaaaaay Finally I’m so Happy that you did :D:D gotta mention this to my blog girl 😉

  2. Dont.dwell

    I likey 2 & 3, preeeettty !!

  3. i love the 5 – it looks like a flower on your nail. Very pretty and not messy at all for nail-marbeling (:

    • SoCoMoCo

      Thank u very much 😀 I like all of them actually that’s why I hadn’t decide which to choose
      & about the neatness I learned a technique from a blogger called My Simple little pleasures you can find her in my blogroll she’s a nail marbling artist her job is amaazing
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. fajorie

    nice !!
    i would say go with #1 me likey !!

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  6. “swera” had a terrible experience with her nails :p

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