Kissing Summer Course Goodbye

Yeepppppeeeee No more summer course :D:D


two ( A ) one ( B- )


Am I a nerd ???

It’s not like I’m always a straight A student but why does people make me feel I’m a nerd 😛

Finally sleeping whenever I want & getting up whenever I want .. stretching in front of the TV

No more exams & homeworks & tension

Now I Relove my life 😛



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12 responses to “Kissing Summer Course Goodbye

  1. Tef tef tef 3shan ma6egej 3ain, Congrats !

  2. SoCoMoCo

    Thaanks sweetie :***

  3. congraaaaaats o mbarak 3aleech eshahar :*

  4. mabrooook mabrooo walla mashllah nice grades 🙂 you are on the way to be nerd loool j/k :p

    yeah now stretch back & relax & enjoy ur time & delicious food but don’t ever get TOO FAT :@

    • SoCoMoCo

      Thaaaaanks :$ loooool It’s ok to be nerd i long as I keep my good look B) 😛
      Delicious food 3gb el9alat mako gabl 😛 I’m getting thinner enshallah mo fat because I’m having a Ramadan Diet 😀

  5. Congrats
    MaShallah , Sha6oora =p
    enjoy ur holiday

  6. Mashallah ,, Doom enshallah hl good grades

    W ma 3laiich Nerd or Not dam Ur grades r gd 3adi 😛

    El7eeen relax w have fun xD

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