More Designs

Hey all 😀 Here are some new designs that I did for grgai3an & 3eed just to give you some ideas about the colors I have & the designs that I can do



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7 responses to “More Designs

  1. Love itttttt!
    ana mta tsaweeeli 😦

  2. hey girl abee wa7id 😀 with my name bs abee emailch !! o shsmaa hatha a5er pic el lona el gold sheno hatha ? ma fhamt

    • SoCoMoCo

      Ok mn 3yooni 😉 my email :
      the last one is 2 bracelets one with ( ❤ ) HAJAR ( ❤ ) and the other is a gold-navy blind
      y3ni line k7li line thahabi line k7li line thahabi….etc
      just send me an email & i'll show you the colors that I have maybe you'll pic something else 😀

  3. girl i tried to email me bs ma y6l3 leee, this is my email,

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