Rare Thing…

It’s not my thing when it comes to saving money 😛 every time I try to collect fils 3ala fils I spend it on stupid things like food , worthless accessories that I forget that I own , ra9eed :/ but since I realized that it’s not a good thing & not a good way to adapt the fact that one day I’m gonna be on my own when it comes to financial problems & can no longer ask my mom for money , I decided that I should & can save it & realize that I can’t get whatever I want unless I work hard or it ..

Remember my post about the Tiffany&co. keys?? mmm I thought about it & said naaaa It’s too simple I liked the one with diamonds but it’s too expensive for me so I wanted to shut myself up with the bare gold one

That’s the benefit of starting a mini business besides having fun .. I saved the profits of my business & bought something that I’m really proud of  , every time I see it I see I great success .. I know it’s not a big deal but it is a big deal for me 😀

A dream that came true when I bought one of SWAROVSKI’s rings from the profits of my business 😀 mn 3ara2 gebeeni 3ala golat’hom 😛

My next dream… An Alviero Martini drawstring bag ( I have a new crush on drawstring bags ) 🙂



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4 responses to “Rare Thing…

  1. Yaaay 3alaij bel3afya, inshallah soon you’ll get whatever you want :**

  2. I Like the bag one map 😀 mashalla 3leej , im like you, im saving money and not asking from my parents so it’s kinda hard to get what we want when we actually don’t work ;/ lo3a mo:P btw mbrook 3la ring o 3leej bl3fya;)

    • SoCoMoCo

      I like the brand & the style 😀 it’s really hard to tie your hands & try to keep some money 😛 especially when you can’t do it with a 100KD e3ana 😛

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