A couple of minutes ago I arrived home from a journey to IKEA with my mom .. so , once I stepped out of the car I saw a beetle , it was upside down & it’s head was dipped in a water pond resulted by humidity  , poor thing was craving for a breathe & for someone to save it’s soul .. so I flipped it with the tip of my shoe & yaaaay finally it got back it’s life .. but didn’t move at all .. I know it wasn’t dead .. I really think it was thanking me for saving it’s life poor thing such a harmless creature .. So i asked my mom : Yma el5nfsana ra7 tshfa3 lee yoom el8eyama ( Will the beetle be a mediator between me & God on Judgment day )?? .. And my mom was like : What ?? Are you okay sweetie 😛 .. I was really hoping that even it’s a creature without a brain that can’t think I really have a big faith that despite all of my sins , maybe that little worthless/harmless creature could save me from Hell :D:D I’m not insane I’m really convinced of the idea 😛

Question: Do you think that the beetle will be a mediator between me & God ??



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2 responses to “Mediator..

  1. Join the club! i also think that just being nice to the cat infront of our house and giving her water n milk will get me to heaven haha 😛 but hey it’s possible! mako shay b3eed 3n rabbech 😀

    • Cats become de3la when you spoil them 😛 they never leave & t3zm baji rabe3ha & turns the bin into a supper 😛
      but it’s great that there’s some believers like me 😛
      p.s: i’m not hippie :P:P

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