OH Happy Day .. or NOT!!

I wrote this post in 9/10/2010 but was too busy to post it 😛

Well it was a happy day .. my cousin & one of my best friends is getting maaaarried 😀 we’re very excited & happy for her OMG she looked fascinating on her Bridal shower day or in other words ( eldazza ) .. lets give you some details about what she was wearing:

I didn’t find the same dress but this one is kinda similar to it only lighter & shorter from Miss Selfridge

This petite black pencil skirt also from Miss Selfridge

Black hosiery

Lace Platform shoes also from Miss Selfridge ( LOVE IT )

Head band close to this one

Pearls with a black brooch

She looked Gorgeous I almost cry when I saw her 😦

That was the happy part of the event

Now here comes the unhappy part :

Out of nowhere .. my uncles wife started shouting on my aunt in front of all people ( our relatives & the groom’s family ) : Keep the buffet for your guests you don’t want me & my sisters .. we’re going home @@ all of us were like What the hell’s wrong with her

She left her daughters & my uncle came & picked them up later

On the next day I heard the story & the cause of her action.. she heard my aunts talking & saying : we wish that the mother of the bride had told us that she was gonna invite all these people so we would’ve rented some extra chairs  .. so she was offended by these words & thought that they meant her & her sisters @@ what a lame excuse .. she just wanna draw attention

OMG shno 9ar bdenia @@ wain ra7 ele7teram wain ra7 etafahom :/ y3ni enas esan3a etha bt3atb aw tz3al ta5th elensan elle 3tbanah 3laih 3ala janb w ttfaham ma3ah aw ttsa7ab mn elmokan elle ehia feeh bdoon wala klma wala tfashl nfs’ha w tfashl ahalha jdam nas ‘3rb ra7 ya5thon bnt 7mat’ha :/ & for what ?? for some silly reason .. bs 3ala golat’hom elle 3ala rasa ba67a y7ss 3laiha

Imagine that .. my aunt went to see her & apologize to her on the next day ( even though she didn’t do anything wrong ) she refused to see her @@ uuuuurrrrrrggghhh I wanna hurt her badly .. I never saw people so low before .. Poor uncle :/ no wonder  he sleeps wherever he puts his head on :/ he doesn’t wanna hear her voice 😛


My Cousin’s wedding was on friday 22/10/2010 she became a Madame ;'( dear cousin .. miss you already .. wish you happy long life with your partner & lots & lots of kids 😛 .. LOVE YOU :***




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2 responses to “OH Happy Day .. or NOT!!

  1. mabrooooook mabrooook o 3o2balech :*

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