Genius Little Minds

Hey all .. one of the courses I’m studying in this semester is Oral Presentation .. so , last week’s subject was ( Childhood Experience ) so I talked about an adventurous experience that I had when I was in kindergarten so I thought why not sharing it with my beloved readers 😀

As far as I can remember , me & the neighborhood girls have this great relationship. All of us are on the same age , went to the same schools , shared a lot of things like toys , clothes , accessories , stickers books, beat up boys in kindergarten 😛 stole some toys & coloring books :O in other words .. we were the Gang of the neighborhood

So here’s the story ..when we were in kindergarten , it was our neighbor’s ( om m7md ) turn for the carpool. So it’s my mother’s habit to let me stay at their house & picks me up after she pick up my sister from school. While me & my gang sister 😛 Amal playing at their yard, something sparkled on the other side of the sidewalk, beautiful roses just been planted in the garden of the house in front of theirs.

So we had an evil idea, we ran back & forth from the yard to the garden, picking a rose & put it on a rug in the yard.

Imagine that … I just picked a flower … running back to the yard … turn my head to the left .. Mom’s car just entered the neighborhood !!!

She was shocked when she saw me in the middle of the street holding a rose in my hand LOL I still remember the look on her face 😛

We got really punished for sabotaging  our “edgy” neighbor’s new roses but luckily he forgave us because he knew we were just kids.

Every time the gang gathers we remember that one adventure & start laughing to death about the fact that by using our small minds, we thought that we could make a PERFUME!!!!



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2 responses to “Genius Little Minds

  1. So cute! Remembering the invincibility of youth! My pals and I were going to live in NYC and share an apartment & never get married, but adopt 12 babies! 🙂

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