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New Add to My Accessories

Sooo .. I got this ADORABLE ring from Polkalicious Thank you so much it came with an elegant bag which indicates that they’re really sophisticated

Disney Couture Tinkerbell Pixie Trinkets Ring

You know what the best part is?? The little thingys inside it are loose! they move making a rattly sound .. noisy in a cute way 😀

P.S. : My sister-in-law thinks it’s childish

You think so too??



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Another nail marbling attempt

Hey guys 😀 .. Here’s another marbling attempt that I did to my sister-in-law

I loved the contrasted colors they match the sheets 😛


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SOS :'(

Since the day before yesterday I’m trying to access my 3Gs iPhone photo library & Camera .. every time I try this page pops up

When I connect the phone to computer all the pictures are available but I can’t have access to them from the phone itself .. and any recent photos that I add like Whatsapp downloads or screenshots is never saved & don’t appear when I connect it to computer

I tried every thing from restarting the phone to connecting it to iTunes to backup , surfed the net but it didn’t help much :/

PLEASE I’M DESPERATE 😥 if you have any idea about this issue leave a comment pleeeease


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