SOS :'(

Since the day before yesterday I’m trying to access my 3Gs iPhone photo library & Camera .. every time I try this page pops up

When I connect the phone to computer all the pictures are available but I can’t have access to them from the phone itself .. and any recent photos that I add like Whatsapp downloads or screenshots is never saved & don’t appear when I connect it to computer

I tried every thing from restarting the phone to connecting it to iTunes to backup , surfed the net but it didn’t help much :/

PLEASE I’M DESPERATE 😥 if you have any idea about this issue leave a comment pleeeease



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12 responses to “SOS :'(

  1. His

    how long did you keep it updating?

    • SoCoMoCo

      I don’t know 25 minutes I guess .. but I updated it along time ago even before the jailbreak was available & it was ok but suddenly that page started to show up :/

  2. His

    Did you backup your photos form iTunes?

    if you did, then you can remove sync photos from iTunes…sync it..then click on sync photos again and all your photos should be back.

    but make sure you did backup your pics

  3. SoCoMoCo

    Same thing 😥 unfortunately .. I did exactly what you said :/
    Sorry for bothering you & thank you sooo much for helping me

  4. Wish I could help really, don’t even got an iphone yet, but but have you tried to turn off the phone & remove the battery for 30 secs & then try again ?

    • SoCoMoCo

      the problem is that the battery is not removeable :/ I tried everything really
      I visited apple site to search for the problem .. It was discussed but there’s no solution but to reset the phone & erase ALL my stuff from the phone from Contacts to messages to applications & start from zero :/
      unfortunately I have to bare with it & wait for a miracle ;'(

  5. SoCoMoCo

    No not yet I don’t think they could help me :/ my personal workshop is at Hajj ( my brother ) 😛 I’ll just wait for him to help me
    Can I ask you favor ?? could you please post the problem in your blog just to see if anyone know about it?? cuz mashallah your blog is more well-known than mine I don’t get too many visits to share this problem with other blogs surfers , I’ll be very thankful

    Ayamk sa3eeda 😀

  6. Anonymous

    I’ll help you out. Is it too late?

  7. Anonymous

    La 5ala9 I change my mind. I’m not going to help you even if you ask for it. Sorry… O:)

    • SoCoMoCo

      Embalaaaaaaa pleaaase sorry I didn’t respond I was studying last night & didn’t check the blog
      please please please please I need your help ;'(

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