New addiction ( Loafers )

Hey guys .. I know I’ve been a lousy blogger I can see it from the decreasing of the viewers number  .. but enshallah I’ll try to freshen the blog to make it more interesting 🙂

I’d like to share a new addiction that started when I first saw Christian Louboutin’s Studded Loafers I reaaaally loved them

But the thing is that I’m not a girl who spends 500$ on a shoe ( not yet maybe 😛 ) so I tried to convince myself with a copycat 

Matiko Leila Studded Loafers

Not as gorgeous as the Loubs but they look Daaaaamn good on my feet 😛

Wayd nas t6anzw 3leeh ( boys shoes , modaris 5o9o9i , Michael Jackson ) but I like it mali sh’3l ba7ad B)

Thanks Bro. :**



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6 responses to “New addiction ( Loafers )

  1. esh3alich men el naaaas ! el mohem they are comfortable o u like them 😀 malbooos el 3afyaaa ;*

  2. SoCoMoCo

    ba3ad 3omri thaaaanks allah y3afeech :***

  3. LOOOL min9ijich! ana copy mu copy ilmohum 3ajbiniii akhitha!! 9adigeeni lo ra7 tamsheen 3ala kalam ilnas mara7 etkhalseen:P

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