A Message to Arts Administration

Dear college administration ( Arts specially ) I’m not sure if other administration are the same ,

or in other words .. employees of the office

They give you pay cheques monthly to help students find their way .. if they have questions about classes, about majors & minors, elmawad elle t3adl w elle ma t3adl .. it’s YOUR JOB to know these kinda things .. mo kl ma s2alnakom 3n shai gltw: ma nadri ro7w shwai5

Amanna bellah you don’t know that’s fine no one can know everything .. why the HELL u send the student to shwai5 to get answers .. there’s an invention called Phone .. pick it up & call shwai5 administration & ask the whatever question .. it won’t hurt your vocal cords

Oh yeah .. you don’t have time for us students .. you’re busy talking on ur cells, eating, having picnics in the building’s halls

Ma agool ella allah yhdeekom enshallah .. I know that shwai5 is the head of all colleges but they didn’t make sub-offices so that you forget about us .. & when you go to shwai5 ygooloon: e7na malna sh’3l go to your own administration @@ nl3ab!!

I hope ma7ad yz3al mni but that’s what’s what in my mind right now I hate to be judgmental & I know that not all of the employees are lazy .. & not because I’m too lazy to go to Shwai5 to finish my business .. bs elle y8hr ena I could need some help from you .. so why do you send me there while it’s your job to answer my questions :/

That’s my point of view & I’m sorry if i hurt anyone’s feelings & if I’m wrong about it please don’t hesitate to enlighten me



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