Ding Dong!!!

My Bells has finally rang 😀 now I’m no longer miss .. I’m a Mrs & still can’t believe it :/

Today .. it’s a month since my wedding day & it was the best day of my life i felt like a princess & al7md llah everything was perfect

A month has passed & it seems like a day .. days pass really quick when you live a happy life with a partner that u never imagined he would be yours one day  .. it’s a dream & i’m still living it .. can’t believe that I’m not on my own now & I’m resposible for someone else other than me & that’s how it was for my whole life

Ma agool ella I hope that anybody who reads this post wish me luck in my new life & marriage is not as bad as TV illustrates 😛

This picture belongs to me & NO one is allowed to use it



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7 responses to “Ding Dong!!!

  1. eSalam 3laikom
    Congrats sweetheart!!
    I’m so happy 4 U, 3assa Allah yhaneekom o yas3dkom o y5aleekom lba3ath

  2. yeeeeeeeew Congratulationsssssssss sweetheart :***

    allah ytamem 3alekom nshallah ya rb 😀

  3. mnaah el-maal o mneeech el-3yaal w 3asaa allaaaa ytaameem 3alikooom ;**

  4. MABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!;********** i cant believe it toooo!! looooooool 7abeeeebtii im glad that ur happy o 3asa allah etamim 3alaaaaaikum;** o mbarak 3alaich ilshahaaaaaar;**

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