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Big No No 2


الويه أجلح والحمرة مشمشية



I think I made her pretty 😛


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Big No No

Hello guys .. so i’m starting this idea of the things happening here & there but shouldn’t be happening 😀 including fashion catastrophes, driving ethics, domestic behaviors .. etc. That will oblige me to post more cuz I’ve been such a fail in blogging in the last months ;P so i hope u like the idea

Notice: The  illustrations are edited by me feel free to exchange them

1st Big No No 

Wearing leggings with a short shirt while having Chicken legs or Hippo legs 


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Help Me :(

Ever since i got my eyes on this pair of shoes i got mad about it .. but i was sooooo stupid for not getting it when i had the chance & they were available ;'( I looked all over the net & didn’t find any & I went to all limelight store none of them had it & I know why … Because they are REALLY BEAUTIFUL

So please please pleeeeeease if by any chance you know where i can get them in size 38 in aaaaannnny color or if any want to sell them back ( with benefit ) I’m ok with it & yeah I’m that desperate

Melissa Lady Dragon Ball


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