Full name: S.A. MSW

Date of Birth: 13/4/1990

Occupation: College student

Nationality: Kuwaiti


Clothes – shoes – cars – crafting – painting – going out – staying home and watching TV for hours – eating – socializing…etc.


Smoking – pushy people – reading – rejeem :/ – hot days – lack of money – opening the closet and find nothing to ware while being late for college – waking up early and not having enough sleep…etc.

Hello everyone my “nickname” is Socomoco – Date of Birth: 13/4/1990 – Aries – last child of 5 – studying in the College of Arts majored in English linguistics  ( not a big dream :P ) minor translation

I was born in 1990 before the invasion of Iraqi forces thank God .. I think I’m I typical Kuwaiti girl who love to shop, buy clothes & mostly shoes .. I love electronics like computer games & stuff .. Movies are my passion , if I’m not in mood yo go out,  I spend time watching movies & TV (more than I spend time with my family) :P

My hobbies are : Painting & drawing – photography – designing & creating new things ( but implementation takes a long time :P ) – talking – shopping ( on the way of being a shopaholic ) – adventures – driving fast :P

That’s all what I’ve got to say about myself .. If u wanna know anything else don’t hesitate to ask ;)


4 responses to “About

  1. Congratualations on your new blog!!

    Keep posting and good luck…!!

  2. SoCoMoCo….love your blog, big fan ;D….best of luck Hun

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