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Ugliest Shoes Ever

Hello guys .. long time no see 😀

So, about a year ago I was wandering the malls for gowns for my engagement party & I don’t know why shop workers put the ugliest shoes ever in the fitting room .. so I tried to take pictures of most of them .. even if they are only used to lengthen the body a little bit to clearly see the gown, but I think they at least put shoes that are in a good condition

الصراحة عذبني بو قذلة 😛

آخر واحد يمكن أذرب واحد بالاسطورة بس قياسه 41 😛


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DIY Oxford Shoes

Hello everyone .. I got this idea from ShoeLust which is a site I adore that puts a new shoe everyday

Though it’s men’s oxfords I said why not trying it on women’s oxfords .. it’s the trend nowadays & I had a crush on it a while now

So I bought this loafers from NewLook I think for less than 10KD I know the photo’s lousy but my phone camera is dying 😛

And the RESULT:

Cooooool ain’t it??? 😀


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Help Me :(

Ever since i got my eyes on this pair of shoes i got mad about it .. but i was sooooo stupid for not getting it when i had the chance & they were available ;'( I looked all over the net & didn’t find any & I went to all limelight store none of them had it & I know why … Because they are REALLY BEAUTIFUL

So please please pleeeeeease if by any chance you know where i can get them in size 38 in aaaaannnny color or if any want to sell them back ( with benefit ) I’m ok with it & yeah I’m that desperate

Melissa Lady Dragon Ball


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Valentino shoes look alike at Zara

Heeey guys .. I went to Avenues last week & these shoes at Zara draw my attention cuz they’re kinda similar to Valentino’s gorgeous 2010 fall collection

Price tag is about 32.000 KD

I really liked the red .. u think I should get one??

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My Trip to Dubai

After 3eed I went to Dubai for 4 days .. It was a really pleasant trip despite the fact that I killed my feet on those 4 days 😛

We stayed at Crown Plaza Festival City Hotel , it was an amazing place but it was more suitable for a single business man or for newly weds !!

you know’am saying 😛

We had a delicious breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant  Zaytoun

Yummy yummy I really miss it 🙂

I loved that sculpture in  the hotel’s lobby it looks like an aquarium with colorful fishes .. but it’s not 🙂 It’s just smudges

We wet to the mall & it was amazing unfortunitaly I didn’t get the chance to take many pictures

This picture was taken in Dubai Mall I’m sorry it’s blurry .. on the 2nd floor a woman was setting on a piece of a news paper on the floor watching the divers feeding sharks in the aquarium .. LOL I wanted to get a clear shot but my cousin was like : Fashalteena ana ma a3arfch enti mo bnt 5ali :P:P

I wonder why did they stranslated it like that :/ they could say ستوكس it’s a T & we have it in arabic 😛

just like Subway which is translated into صبوي :/

So while we’re waiting for my aunts in some mall I got my pen & small note & started sketching

I decided to draw her that outfit because that’s what I like to wear 😀 a ruffled blouse & a blazer

I’m not sure what that is LOL .. here’s the story : first I tried to draw a chair & a table in front of me .. then I thought why don’t I draw a train tunnel but it didn’t workout obviously 😛 & then .. It turned to be a purse .. but when i showed it to my cousin she said : chna bnaya maska thoob = ثوب .. & I was like eeee wallah LOL

So what else can you see in it 😛

Now the best part >>> PURCHASES 😀

TED BAKER wallet

Flash memory Cards

Cute set of bracelets

Protecting nature by these cute files


I think Costa BlancaX

Anne Klein

That’s all Folks’



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