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DIY Oxford Shoes

Hello everyone .. I got this idea from ShoeLust which is a site I adore that puts a new shoe everyday

Though it’s men’s oxfords I said why not trying it on women’s oxfords .. it’s the trend nowadays & I had a crush on it a while now

So I bought this loafers from NewLook I think for less than 10KD I know the photo’s lousy but my phone camera is dying 😛

And the RESULT:

Cooooool ain’t it??? 😀



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My Purchases from Versace for H&M

So on thursday I had the chance to shop ( or hunt ) for H&M Versace collection it was really craaazy & it’s my first time to attend these kinds of events .. it was really crowded screaming & pulling things from your hands .. imagine the worker bringing the pieces in his hands, one he reaches the rack he’s holding one piece 😛 .. Women are stacked next to the fitting room not to try clothes, but to catch the returned items 😛

The bags are really interesting & the cashier claimed that the big bag was finished & gave me a regular H&M bag but I sneaked to another cashier & requested a bag & I yaaaay I got one 😀

Got this gorgeous top bedazzled with tiny golden crystals would look amazing with a blazer & a high wasted skirt .. ( I know it looks huge I swear it’s a size 12 😛 )

I got this amaaaazing T-shirt & velvet jacket I went to the event just for these to pieces & I think you know that they’re mens wear 😛 but I don’t think our men would wear them 😛 The jacket is HUGE but I’m ok with it I like oversized things .. probably I’ll just tighten the sleeves a little so it doesn’t look messy

Got this great scarf I just love the colors .. I didn’t plan to get it also but since my cousin got a extra one I said why not buying it

The funny thing is that when I was grabbing mens stuff & a Homo next to me holding a legging from women’s wear

Ironic huh 😛

I met alota blogger who didn’t have clue about my identity but it was an honor 9ara7a 🙂

Thanks cousin for helping me & giving me the chance to have this experience 🙂

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Old Memories From LBC Channel

So I wanted to bring up some old memories from my childhood of watching TV .. maybe I wasn’t the only one that was banned from watching LBC channel 😛 cuz it was a bit revealing .. but now almost all channels are the same & no one is watching it anymore 😛

Anyways .. I used to go to my aunt’s house to watch some of the shows I really liked when I was about 5 or 6 they were really good:

This dubbed show for kids originally Mexican was really exciting but unfortunately I didn’t find it anywhere

Kassandra …. ohhhh that series was sooo romantic we were too young to watch it but we did 😛 it’s a Venezuelan show but it was soo magical all of us wanted to be her

Unfortunately & didn’t find a clip for this show called ( Kaif w Laish كيف وليش ) an old kids show that was aired in the morning it was really fun to watch back then all about crafts, moral lessons, birthdays .. etc.


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Big No No 4

Wearing FAKE Halloween eyelashes to college or any public place


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Big No No 3

Wearing a one shoulder cocktail dress with leggings & long sleeves shirt


I think Beiber’s definitely gonna hate me for this 😛

a7s layg 3laiha shwai she looks arabic 😛

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